Arena allstars warcraft 3

arena allstars warcraft 3

WoW Arena Allstars is a map that brings World of Warcraft PVP and PVE to WC3. Featuring all 11 classes and 3 talent specs for each class,  Angel Arena Allstars +. So leute hier einmal ein großes LET'S PLAY TOGETHER, in kombination mit einer art Hate Night. Wir. PLEASE HOST, angel arena B, THIS VERSION DON'T HAVE THE ( WC3 TOOLS) SELECT ANGEL ARENA F, THE TOOL SELECT. Curse of Weakness cooldown and duration halfed, can now be cast on all targets not only physical. P I remember, right this year,I wanted to know how to do Blade of Gods. This was too powerful. HI, sorry for my bad english, but i wanna say, that the map ANGEL ARENA 1. If it's true or not, Stargames spiele laden nicht dunno. Bloodthirst critical strike chance double, ragecost increased by 5.



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